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[AVAILABLE] (Organic) Design for 3D-Printing - Ivaldi - 03-03-2014

Do you need an unique present or a design-solution or a problem? Maybe a give-away for your business or something else?

I can design and model it for you!

You will get: a solution for a problem or an unique design, many Renderings, an animation (if you want), .obj/.stl or .x3d files for 3D- printing. Also a modelled object from your sketches/drawings/description.

Rate: 20$/hour (fixed price after briefing, negotiable)


[Image: examples.jpg]

[Image: banner.jpg]

or visit my website: http://www.saschabose.wordpress.com

Please contact me via PM.

Kind regards!

RE: [AVAILABLE] (Organic) Design for 3D-Printing - laoniu - 03-04-2014

I can design and model it for you! ]

Fut coins

RE: [AVAILABLE] (Organic) Design for 3D-Printing - DruckMeister - 06-20-2014

Take a look at www.trinckle.com/en/matching.php! There are some requests of people who need someone to design their models.